Hello from Postnix Space

cat /dev/mordor > /dev/brain0

Personal blog: here

Mirror of Plan 9 from Bell Labs Wiki: here

Mirror of Plan 9 from Bell Labs Sources: here

The Sources mirror is accessible via 9p via: tcp!postnix.pw!9fs

PSU has a Sources mirror if you’re on their network via: source.plan9.cs.psu.edu

Some 9front ports tree package mirrors: here and here

Manual page mirrors for (9) related projects: here

Web mirrors of misc (9) related projects: here

Mirror of Kenji Arisawa’s work: here

Mirror of the ‘Inferno Programming with Limbo’ site: here

Mirror of Andrey Mirtchovski’s work: here

More personal things: here

Server Documentation

disco binaries (probably out of date)

9fans discord server

TempleOS Mirrors